Where is M13? — A Three Dimensional Galactic Atlas!

We all have our favorite deep sky objects that we've looked at hundreds and hundreds of times. We know where to find them in the night sky, but most of us have little idea where they lie in the three-dimensional space around our Galaxy. Isn't that just a bit strange?

Where is M13? is a unique application that helps you visualize the locations and physical properties of deep sky objects in and around the Galaxy.

At home, Where is M13? serves as a reference you will frequently turn to when you read about an object and become curious where it is with respect to our galaxy. In the field, the program will enhance your observing experience by allowing you to get an intuitive sense of the physical location, size, luminosity, and distance of the object you are viewing. You will find Where is M13? a great educational and outreach tool as well.

Using paired face-on and edge-on views, the Galaxy View shows you where that cluster or nebula is actually located relative to the center and plane of the Galaxy, providing a unique 3-D perspective.

Below the paired views, the Object List provides important physical information about the objects. Galactic latitudes and longitudes as well as luminosities, true sizes, and distances are shown. A quick click of a checkbox changes the display to show the equivalent apparent data: right ascension, declination, visual magnitude and angular size.

The Sky View shows you where the objects are found in the night sky, using a star map plotted in galactic coordinates. The use of galactic coordinates, rather than the more common equatorial coordinates, helps you really understand the relationship between what you see in the night sky and an object's galactic location.

Where is M13? is completely free. Download it and give it a spin. We think you'll find that Where is M13? literally adds another dimension to your night sky observing. Enjoy exploring this new perspective!


Where is M13? is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.