If you ask amateur astronomers, "Where is M13?", most will tell you, "It's in the constellation Hercules." However, that's only where it appears to be in the night sky; where is it in space? We've heard that globular clusters like M13 are in a "halo" or "swarm" around our Galaxy. M13 must be out there somewhere, but where exactly is it? ( see answer )

The following links display screen captures from Where is M13? showing the locations and physical data for selected Messier objects.

The display shows paired images. The left image depicts a face-on view of our galaxy showing where the object is located when looking down from the north galactic pole. The right image depicts an edge-on view showing the object's location above or below the plane of the galaxy.

M1 Supernova remnant
M2 Globular Cluster
M3 Globular Cluster
M4 Globular Cluster
M5 Globular Cluster
M6 Open Cluster
M7 Open Cluster
M8 Diffuse Nebula
M9 Globular Cluster
M10 Globular Cluster
M11 Open Cluster
M12 Globular Cluster
M13 Globular Cluster
M14 Globular Cluster
M15 Globular Cluster
M16 Diffuse Nebula
M17 Diffuse Nebula
M18 Open Cluster
M19 Globular Cluster
M20 Diffuse Nebula
M21 Open Cluster
M22 Globular Cluster
M23 Open Cluster
M24 Open Cluster
M25 Open Cluster
M26 Open Cluster
M27 Planetary Nebula

(more to come)