Download — Where is M13? (version 2.3)

Note: Starting with version 2.0, Where is M13? is freeware. You no longer need to purchase a license to use the full featured version.

GetJava Download Button
This is a Java application and requires Java 1.4 or higher to be installed on your computer. Mac OS X users should automatically have an appropriate version of Java. If Windows and Linux users need a recent version of Java, you may download it by clicking the "Get Java" button to the right.

For Windows:
Download WhereIsM13_2.3_Setup.exe (7.6 MB). Execute the setup application to install Where is M13?.

For Mac OS X:
Download WhereIsM13_2.3.dmg (7.8 MB). If your browser didn't automatically open the .dmg file, double-click it to mount and open the disk image. Drag the Where is M13? folder to wherever you normally keep your applications. The Where is M13? application is inside this folder.

Linux and other OS's:
Download (7.6 MB) If your browser didn't automatically expand the zip file, double-click it to extract the "Where Is M13?" application directory. Run the application by double clicking the WhereIsM13.jar file within the directory.

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