Customer Comments

Absolutely awesome program. It's about TIME somebody came up with this! This kind of data adds tons to live observation -- there is just something amazing about contemplating distance, location and size of the object you are peering at through your lens... I will definitely be buying this one.

Mega Kudos!

-- Kevin Huddleston

Absolutely fantastic. Great idea, superbly implemented. Joins the pantheon of "Personal visualization of 3-D scientific data" greats that good programming and affordable computation have afforded us.

I've been an amateur astronomy aficionado for just two years now but have accumulated a significant library of texts and atlases. It has bugged me that my understanding of the location of DSOs was limited to the 2-D bowl view depicted in otherwise good references. My favorite figure from Backyard Astronomy attempts to show the distribution of GCs throughout the Milky Way, but requires a leap of conceptualization to 3D that sometimes escapes me. The limiting concepts of constellation sectors and astrological alignments reveal the handicaps of the flatlander viewpoint.

Your remarkable tool is simple, yet compellingly illuminates the night sky in a way that has profoundly altered my appreciation for the true location in space of my favorite eyepiece objects.

-- Warren Anderson

I just downloaded the program and spent about half an hour browsing thru it. WOW! Where is M13 gives a great perspective on what amateur astronomers spend their time searching for. I've been seriously studying astronomy for six years (in my retirement) and have gotten some sense for where we are in our home galaxy and only the most general sense for where observable objects are relative to the milky way's expanse.

-- Bob Polcyn