Sky View

By clicking on the Sky View tab at the top of Where is M13?'s main window, you are shown a full sky star map that plots the same objects you've chosen to display in the Galaxy View.


This map is a bit different from those you might be used to.  It is plotted in galactic coordinates, where 0 latitude (the horizontal line running through the center of the map) is along the plane of our Galaxy.  Objects above the center line (above 0) are above our galactic plane and in the northern galactic hemisphere, while those below 0 are below our galactic plane and in the southern galactic hemisphere.  Galactic longitude runs along horizontal axis with 0 galactic longitude located at the horizontal center of the map. 0 latitude and longitude shows the location of our galactic core. Stars from the Yale Bright Star Atlas and constellation lines are plotted to help you get oriented.

As in the Galaxy View, you can use the slider at the left or your scroll wheel to change the degree of zoom.  You can change the scroll location using the scroll bars or by clicking and dragging the image directly.