Object List

The Object List lists the deep sky objects in the database that match the filters you have set.


To change the filters, use the Filters menu to select which kinds of objects and catalogs you wish to display. You can also choose to show the Filter Dialog and check the attributes of the objects you want listed.


In the Object List, clicking an object's Show box will display its location in the upper panes.  In Galaxy View, if the object is so far away that it has to be drawn outside the scrollable area of the pane (as are most galaxies), a line is drawn showing the direction in which it lies. 

Each object in the list displays the following information:
  • Primary Name [based upon the catalog(s) chosen in the Filter dialog]
  • Other names
  • Object Type
  • Constellation
  • Galactic longitude
  • Galactic latitude
  • Luminosity (equivalent # of Suns) **
  • Actual size in light-years
  • Distance from the Sun in light-years
  • Age in millions of years

You can have the following apparent data displayed, instead of their physical counterparts, by clicking the Show Apparent Data checkbox at the bottom of the main window:
  • Right Ascension
  • Declination
  • Visual magnitude
  • Apparent size in the sky in arc-minutes

By clicking on a column header you can sort the objects in either ascending or descending order based upon the data in that particular column. This makes it easy to answer questions such as "What is the furthest object in the object list?" or "Which object has the greatest luminosity?".

**Note: the luminosity calculation does not take into account the light extinction caused by dust in the galactic plane. All calculations assume the absence of dust.